Sunday, August 7, 2011

Entertainment at a Small Cost

Shopping for shoes is such an important part of getting ready to go back to school. My dear grandson has just turned six and is starting the first grade. His momma had decided on the perfect pair of shoes for him and we went on the search last Saturday. Lewis and Clark Outfitters was our last stop and there we found success.

While we were there, we watched customers climb the rock climbing wall. The young guy wanted to try to climb. The attendant was so wonderful! He hooked Logan into the harness and explained what he needed to do in order to climb the wall. He held the rope to ensure Logan's safety and guided him up the wall. Logan made it half way up which was way over my head! We were so proud of him - it was an excellent first time attempt. I certainly can see more trips to Lewis and Clark in our future.

Getting ready

Making his way up!

On his way down!

He had a blast and if you don't count the cost of the shoes, it was free.
Thank you, Lewis and Clark!