Sunday, September 1, 2013

BHS Alumni Logo

As a Graphic Designer, I am sometimes asked to work on a project for the community. I am a graduate of Bentonville High School. The Alumni Association has become less active over the years. A wonderful group of energetic people have began working together to rebuild. I was asked (among other things) to create a new logo for the association. The logo pictured above has been adopted. The new look includes elements of symbolism and and tradition with an updated look. It includes a new tag line that describes the mission of the association.

PS: I am so happy I only need to draw that tiger once!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sweet Potato Vine

This pot is home to my early spring salad garden. It also has become a late summer/fall container for more ornamental plants.

While cleaning the pantry the other day, I discovered a sweet potato that had begun to sprout. It had little bitty vines already forming. I hauled it out to the deck with a little shovel and planted it in the salad garden container. I also stuck the remainder or the onion bulbs in there. Maybe I'll have a late crop of green onions? Within days, the sweet potato started growing. In this picture it had been growing about 10 days. Who knew it would sprout out so quickly? I think I will enjoy its beauty until frost hits. Wonder if I'll harvest sweet potatoes?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Steamed Eggs

Steaming has become one of my favorite was to cook eggs. It quick, its easy and tasty!

I developed this way to cook eggs quite by accident. I was making sunny side eggs one day and let the pan get too hot. I immediately poured a bit of water in the pan to cool it. I saw the steam rise and wondered what would happen if I placed a lid on the pan so I gave it a try. The result was a nicely cooked egg that reminded me of a poached egg.

The method I have developed starts with spraying the pan with cooking spray. I break eggs into the pan - its really easy to cook multiple eggs at one time utilizing this method. I season the eggs with salt and pepper. When the pan heats, I pour water in the pan until the bottom is covered by about a quarter inch of water. I place a lid on the pan - I prefer a clear lid so I can watch the cooking progress. When the eggs are done, they easily lift out of the pan and onto the plate.

Add a sliced tomato and piece of perfect toast and you have a delicious meal. Of course, serving with bacon or sausage will be a heartier breakfast. I also use a spicier seasoning when I'm in the mood for some kick. Cook these to a "hard" level and they would easily dice to top a salad. The variations are endless!