Monday, August 12, 2013

Sweet Potato Vine

This pot is home to my early spring salad garden. It also has become a late summer/fall container for more ornamental plants.

While cleaning the pantry the other day, I discovered a sweet potato that had begun to sprout. It had little bitty vines already forming. I hauled it out to the deck with a little shovel and planted it in the salad garden container. I also stuck the remainder or the onion bulbs in there. Maybe I'll have a late crop of green onions? Within days, the sweet potato started growing. In this picture it had been growing about 10 days. Who knew it would sprout out so quickly? I think I will enjoy its beauty until frost hits. Wonder if I'll harvest sweet potatoes?


  1. I love sweet potato vines they are so easy to care for and look pretty! You had a great idea to plant it and see what happened.