Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Favorite Artist

My grandson is 5 and  an artist. That's what he tells me! And I always respond with, "You're my favorite artist!" At my house, he has an art box that is stocked with markers, crayons, colored pencils and water colors. The paint and markers are his favorite. He also has a sketch book so he always has paper. It's all stored under the couch with a little table that has folding legs. I live in a very small house, so this is one way to maximize storage space. He always knows where it is. Many times when he first arrives, he pulls all his art stuff from under the couch, sets up the table and gets his folding cars chair that is stored by the tv. He is entertained for a long time. He made himself a calendar with blank spaces. Now every time he comes to see me, he writes a number in an empty box to record how many times he has been to visit!

I have a plastic box with a lid where I store all his works of art that don't make it to the refrigerator or the front door. I'm quite sure I'm the only person in the world that still has the Christmas insert from Walgreen's on the refridgerator door right at 5-year-old level. It's his favorite book. When he wants to see something, he goes in there and carefully removes the magnets, takes a look and then carefully puts it back!

Recently, he drew portraits of my dogs. He tells everyone they are his dogs too!

This is Louise, the mini-dauschund. I thought it was quite perceptive of him to notice her reddish-brown color. And Louise is obviusly a very happy dog!

This my Shitzhu, Joey. He has curly hair which Logan portrayed with the long oval-like shapes. Joey is white so no color was needed for him! Judging from the smile he's sporting, he's a very happy dog too!

Logan draws pictures for me all the time, so expect to see more. One year for Christmas, he made a painting for each of his parents and we framed them as gifts. They are proudly displayed in their home. I just love watching him create!

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  1. Yeah! A new blog post. I love these drawings!! These are worthy of a three ring binder with page protectors to make his own art scrapbook. My favorite part is the dogs' tails...Louise must have a really long tail. Tell him I think he did a great job.