Sunday, January 9, 2011

Soup for One

It's getting colder all the time!  I guess I should expect that-it's winter!  A good cold snap just makes me want to hole up in my snug little cabin.  Lunch time rolled around today and I was thinking a good hot bowl of soup would be just right.  I'm not one for canned soup so usually it is something I make in a huge quantity and eat for days and maybe even freeze some for the future.  It is a time-consuming lengthy project. 

I wasn't really up for that kind of project today so I got to thinking.  I know - thinking sometimes isn't good!  Lately, I have also been partial to oriental food so now I'm really thinking.  So this is what I did.  I put a pat of butter in a pan and added a small amount of chopped onion and let it start cooking.  I added some diced zucchini and sliced mushrooms.  I also diced up a bit of leftover pork tenderloin and added it to the vegetables.  When the vegetables were almost done, I put in a can of chicken broth and some garlic chili sauce for a bit of spice.  How much chili sauce - enough to satisfy your level of spice!  It's kinda like season to taste.  Then I added a bit of vinegar and some soy sauce - couple tablespoons of each - again add enough until it tastes good to you.  When it all came to a boil, I added some bean sprouts.  By the way, I was in the local oriental market and they had a huge one-pound bag of beautiful fresh sprouts for under a dollar!  I understand it's important to cook bean sprouts so I let the soup cook until they were done.  There you go - my version of hot and sour soup - and it was really good!

This was a quick and easy soup.  I used the ingredients I happened to have on hand so the next time I do this the ingredients probably will be different.  If you don't have garlic chili sauce on hand, I'd think using a sprinkle or two of crushed red peppers would add the zing you need.  Also, adding a beaten egg while stirring the soup would give you an egg "noodle" like what is used in egg drop soup.  You could add a rice noodle or even regular noodles.  The possibilities are endless!  It just take a few minutes and you have a great homemade soup for one!

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