Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wall-to-Wall Shelf

So you've heard to wall-to-wall carpeting.  In a small space, storage is crucial to keeping clutter to a minimum.  Pearl Cabin is technically a two-bedroom house so I have a small room I use as an office/hobby room.  The long wall in this room has no doorways so I could safely build a shelf above the window stretching from wall to wall.

I built the shelf using recycled bi fold closet doors and 12" shelf brackets from the home improvement store.  I attached the brackets to the wall about 4 feet apart using drywall screws.  Be sure to attach to a stud so that the shelf will not collapse under the weight of the things you put on it.  Also a level is handy to make sure the brackets are level with one another. 

Next, I put the doors on top of the brackets cutting them to length.  I used a jigsaw to shorten the last door to fit.  I attached the doors to the brackets using screws. The finising touch was paint.  I painted both the shelves and brackets the same color at the walls to the shelf would not become a focal point in the room.

I used a collection of baskets, covered boxes and wooden boxes to hold miscellaneous items to put on the shelves.  I also store photo albums up there.  Games are stored in their original boxes.  I also added some interesting items such as the sock monkey and a plaque given to me by a friend.  I have a collection of globes that needed a home so I added cup hooks below the shelf and hung the globes. 

I love my shelf!  It adds a dimensions of interest to my office and gives me space for storage.


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  1. Awesome idea for storage! Wall area above windows is really wasted space, so using it for a shelf is great:)