Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Little Touch of Retro

Today I have been working in my guest room. My grandson got a new loft bed for Christmas so my daughter asked me to store his box spring. In the interest of saving space - we all know I don't have extra - I put it under the  box spring in my guest room. Now the bed is very tall as it has two box springs and a mattress! I really like tall beds. They are easier to make because all that stooping and bending isn't required. I also find it easier to get in at night and out in the morning!

I wanted to share the look I have created because I really think it's cute!

The bedspread was crocheted by my mother's loving hands and I have and will cherish is for years to come. She retired for six month one year and I have a collection! This is the one I specifically asked her to make for me. I found the little table at a thrift store for $12 and just had to have it. The lamp came from a garage sale for $2. I'll find the right piece of art to hang above the bed and it'll be even more beautiful.

It's all ready for a guest!

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  1. Love this...looks like it is waiting for me to come visit! Great idea for storing the box springs too.