Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rag Rugs

I have discovered a new relaxing project! I am crocheting rugs from strips of old sheets. I thought I'd share.

The first step is to make the "yarn." Currently, I am using old sheets but any cotton or cotton blend woven fabric would work just fine. (Think old clothes.) Keep in mind that woven fabric will tear in a straight line - it is much faster and more even than cutting. I tear off the hems and selvage edges of the sheets and discard. To start the first strip, I cut about and inch down and then start tearing. The width of the strips are about an inch or so - there's no need to be exact so I just eyeball it!  I like to tear down the long side of the sheet to get the longest run. Stop tearing about half an inch from the end. Move over and make a cut to start the next strip. This will allow a continuous run rather than needing to connect each strip. If you miss and tear all the way, just tie the ends together and keep going.

Just keep tearing in this manner until you have a pile! I am tearing outside because this process produces tons of dust! It makes me sneeze so I got some dust masks. Unfortunately, they made me feel like I was breathing extreme heat and were extremely uncomfortable. I seemed to feel better working outdoors.

Now its time to start rolling the "yarn" into balls. I will usually make two balls from a sheet because trying to do just one makes a ball that is difficult to handle.

I love working on the deck in the early morning! I have a great view and the birds sing and I can hear the breeze through the trees.

Now I have my yarn, so it's time to construct the rug. I been doing simple rectangles in a single crochet stitch using a huge plastic hook. I'd tell you the size of the hook but it's not labeled. I cast on 30 stitches to start but you can experiment and make it the size that works best for you. I can barely crochet myself so I'm not thinking I could teach you to do it! Luckily, there are wonderful tutorials on the web as well as great books for folks learning to crochet.

I just keep working rows until it is the size I want to be. To give you an idea, one sheet makes a rug that is a good size for a doormat or small bathroom rug. I also make round rugs. I often mix  different coordinating colors to add interest.


  1. Price please? I love these rugs. I want to learn how to make them!

  2. I'm starting the pricing at $15 for the small, $20 for doormat size. Guess I need to do a post with pictures of what I have available with sizes and pricing, huh?