Monday, July 29, 2013

Creative Storage that Hides Messy Shelves

My guest room doubles as my sewing/art/craft area. I have shelves against the far wall that hold supplies for future projects as well  as tools. And they look MESSY!

Santa brought by grandson a new bed a couple of years ago that doesn't require the use of his full size box spring. I had been storing it for her on the bed in that room. When I bought a vintage sofa bed to use in there instead, I still had his box spring. I leaned it against the wall until I could decide what to do with it. My creative eye saw a wall!

I had some large pieces of drapery fabric so I covered the box spring with it and now I have a temporary wall that can be moved and it hides my stuff! I weighted it down with some heavy objects but it is still rickety. I have no small children in the house so I'm not too concerned. I would recommend that it be anchored to the wall and or floor for more stability. Now I just need one for the other side of the room!

PS: The painting in the picture is an original. The artist is the mom who adopted me, Pansy Pearl Gastineau. Read her daughter's blog at

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  1. Hey that looks really cool. Great idea to keep the box springs and make a wall. LOVE the sofa bed.