Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pictures Within a Frame

Yesterday, I wrote about the coffee table I made from the room dividing screen. I just couldn't let the third panel go to waste. Creativity hit again! The wall above the love seat was blank. Not anymore!

This panel had the matchstick material coming out so I just removed it all. I painted the framework with the nice rich brown paint. Originally, I hung the panel on the wall empty. It looked like something was missing.  I had these pictures hanging in the kitchen. They are original photographs I took during a picnic with my mom, daughter and grandson. Every time I look at them, I remember the special day we had as a four generation family. Now they are hanging inside the framework and are a focal point in the living room. The pictures are all matted and framed identically which keeps the look clean and cohesive.

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  1. Waste not want not...LOL...this is so neat. I did some huge picture frames for my daughters and put framed photos inside of them. I always look for cheap frames of any size at garage sales, but reusing the divider is way cool.