Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Job Hunting

Since being downsized by the company I worked for in March, 2009, I have certainly been living an adventure!  I decided to use this time to do something I've wanted to do for several years-go back to school.  This spring I will be graduating with an associates degree in graphic design. 

I haven't many classes left to finish so have decided the time is right to get a part-time job.  So I sit down with my trusty laptop and start searching the job boards.  My, how times have changed!  As I search, I find I need to weed out the postings where investments are required.  Are these really jobs?  I was rather thinking I'd like to work and then be paid.  I'm not particularly interested in helping you get your start-up company off the ground.  I know you'll pay me if I should happen to sell something.  But I have a feeling that you're "hiring" anyone who responds thinking that if you have enough people on the streets someone will sell something.  See my prior comment!

Then I see one - perfect!  Part-time, sounds like  fairly low-stress, go to work, do your job, go home and get paid.  I'm seeing a few questions I haven't seen before, such as:  "How often have you had bad luck in the past year?";  "How reliable is the car you will drive to work?" Hmmm .... think they heard lots of excuses?

I can only hope my search continues to produce chuckles as I continue through the process.  And of course, a job!

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  1. I have seen those jobs as well. Makes me worry about actually getting a good job. Good blog. I like.